Sherwood Rd Organic Meats has moved from Sherwood to the Rocklea site, and sells local, ethical, certified organic meats from the family farm.  You know exactly where the food is from and how long it took to get to you, the meat is 100% grass-fed, fully traceable and free from insecticides/pesticides/preservatives/antibiotics/growth promotants and other unnecessary nasties. You have the reassurance that the animals were treated ethically and humanly, as well having excellent quality meat that tastes amazing.



385 Sherwood Road, Rocklea Qld 4106
Building: G2
Level: Ground
Suite: G2-GL-3

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Sherwood Road MARTIN TAYLOR DRIVE Turn left before gatehouse Main Entry Puma Service Station Exit Entry Exit Entry Entrance Entrance Brisbane Markets Limited Parking Entrance Site Service Centre Parking Site Service Centre Fresh Centre Parking Building G2 Parking Exit Exit Entry Vehicular route inVehicular route out SHOW ACCESS & PARKING Commercial Centre Parking Exit Gate House Commercial Centre HEALTH & ORGANIC CENTRE Puma Service Station Multi-Level Car park – CP1 SOUTH GATE EAST - Building K1 USE STAIRS USE STAIRS USE STAIRS USE STAIRS


385 Sherwood Road, Rocklea Qld 4106


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